March Meeting Recap

March 1, 2023 Gateway Amateur Radio Club Meeting

Wow! How lucky are we? A great group of people got together and we got some great advice from a long time fellow and expert.

Thanks to Dave, K4TO, who skimmed the intro course and gave some practical pointers on RF propagation and antenna arrangement.

We learned about antenna performance at different elevations and compared a few types of antennas: a dipole, inverted vee, end fed half wave, and a vertical. Dave showed us the graphical characteristics of each antenna at 33 and 66 feet above ground elevation and commented on practical uses.

Dave told us about his experience with lightning and lightning protection. We learned that we should ground well and isolate (disconnect) under any threat.

Attendance was awesome! 19 members came out to learn and have fun. I am grateful to have seen everyone and for those that missed the meeting, I hope to see or hear from you, sooner than later.

I will be adding the video from the meeting as soon as I get the files processed and uploaded to YouTube. I also have the presentation slides that I will upload to the website. Stay tuned and as always, Thanks for reading.






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