January 2023 Meeting Recap

A great way to start a new year is by programming some fun!

We managed to take the ideas we had and applied those to a rough calendar. Below is the notes which KD4ADJ penciled for us.

Proposed club projects and activities list 

  1. 213 site, building repair project – KD4ADJ
  2. Parks on the air and cookout as a club
  3. Winter field day – KO4ZMY
  4. Summer field day – Jun 24-25
  5. Attend and or sell at Dayton ham fest – KD4ADJ
  6. Emcom training – Greg Beam
  7. Community service, parades or 5k events? 
  8. Club member projects
  9. Skywarn weather spotter class (Winchester club does one per year check with AC4YD and check with Toby in Morehead)
  10. Visit another club (BARS lex club, W9KHZ)(Maysville Club Dabo)(Mason Co Club Larry Dodge)
  11. Tower safety class
  12. Build radio kit – (K4LCK will send info on what radios, where to buy)
  13.  911 tour – KD4ADJ
  14. Cpr cert?
  15. Dayton hamfest (get club site) (KD4ADJ)
  16. Digital modes (D-star, DMR, Fusion, NXDN, P25)
  17. Morse code classes – K4LCK
  18. Build morse keyer K4LCK – N4JES

Please visit our new calendar for more details.






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